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Nanaimos Mortgage Specialists

Nanaimos Mortgage Specialists
Mortgage Purchases

Invis is Canada’s Largest Brokerage Firm and with our combined experience of 30+ years we are prepared to provide you with all your financing needs. We specialize in getting you the funds you want for:

Rental Properties
First-time Home Buying
Private Mortgages
1st & 2nd Mortgages

Every client and every mortgage whether big or small get the very best rate available! We work FOR YOU. You never have to negotiate, we do that for you! As for the lenders, being our Invis client comes with perks. It gives you all the preferential treatment and discounted rates because we are the largest brokerage firm in Canada and we meet benchmarks to receive discounted rates at many lenders. Having special rates and products available ONLY to our Invis clients is just one of many things that set us apart! So, what are you waiting for? Let us be your #1 choice for mortgage brokers and we will exceed your expectations – everytime!

Want to pay your mortgage off as fast as possible? Let us design a plan with you to maximize all your prepayment options and save you thousands in interest!

Need money to start a business? put your children through university? or another big event? We can help you unlock the equity in your home at the BEST POSSIBLE rate!

First-time homebuyer? We are the experts and we are FREE! We will help you walk through the entire process, shop around to get you the best rate and keep you up to date and informed of what is going on, with no charge to you at all. Let us make the experience of buying your first home virtually stress free!

Already have a mortgage? Call us today to book your Mortgage Check-up to determine if you are in the best product and maximizing what matters most to you. This is a free, short, appointment which can save you THOUSANDS of dollars!!! We recommend this be done annually, afterall a mortgage is the biggest financial commitment of a lifetime and with the mortgage industry and rates changing so often you can easily be left behind when your only giving your mortgage attention ONCE every 5 years!!! Many changes can be made to your mortgage without refinancing or paying it out to save you money as times change and often regardless of prepayment penalties refinancing early to take advantage of lower interest rates makes the most financial sense! Especially right now while rates are at historic lows! We are Nanaimo's Mortgage Experts, call to see what we can do for you!



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